Peekaboo Box

Peekaboo Box - Boy

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Get High Quality, Stylish Baby Clothes Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep  Without Having To Lift A Finger!

Our Box was created by choosing the most stylish pieces and collecting them in a single box with 20 pieces of clothing for your boy, for a total of 42 unique outfits.

Anything which makes life easier for you and gives you back some precious time is worth it’s weight in gold. That’s why it makes so much sense to have all the clothes your baby needs delivered straight to your door. No more wasting time in stressful shopping centers when you could be at home with your family! 

What is included

Box includes: 20-piece outfit set in soft cotton including:
1 x Winter Jacket
1 x Romper
1 x Vest
2 x JumpSuits
3 x Leggings
3 x Long Sleeve Body Suits
3 x Short Sleeve Body Suits
3 x Socks
3 x Bibs