Why I Created Peekaboo Box

Hi, I’m Renee Carmody and I am a single mum who knows exactly how hard it is and totally gets how it feels like no one really understands what you are going through.
I have felt the pain of trying to feel ‘human’ again after having a baby and I know how impossible it feels to the find time to put yourself first – even for a minute or two!
Well, I’m here to tell you the TRUTH that you need to hear right now.
There genuinely are things that you absolutely can do to make your life easier!
In fact, here’s one of the biggest problems you face right now… 
It’s finding time to relax and put yourself first so you can look after YOU… am I right?
But that’s not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse!
Because it’s exhausting being a mum, emotionally and physically.
It’s also a journey that can be incredibly lonely and downright scary at times.
But if you don’t see the light and change this for the better, you will not have the energy (or the sanity) to get through this first year. You’ll be just another crash and burn statistic – and you will not even recognise yourself in the mirror.
Worst of all, if you thought you would all of a sudden have a lot of free time on maternity leave to go shopping and take a year off work to relax and catch up with friends, you get a rude awakening because what you get instead is endless late night feeding, crying, piles of washing, and trying to get your baby to sleep.

Luckily For You, There’s Now a Solution to Your Problem!!

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you…
It was 2017. There I was at the airport with a tiny 2 month old Bella in my arms fleeing the country with nothing but what could fit in a backpack. I was fleeing back to my home country of to New Zealand with no plan, no future and no idea how I was going to look after us.
My only options at the time was a women’s refuge home or to have Bella taken away. I wasn’t about to let that happen. We were in trouble… and I was desperate.
I was struggling with having to throw my life in Australia away and give up everything I knew with no plan in front of me.
I was struggling with the fact I was all alone in the scariest moment of my life escaping an abusive ex with no one to support me and my tiny little baby.
As the minutes ticked by in that airport, I was getting more and more anxious.
I was scared of my ex finding us. Scared that he would continue threatening us.
I was scared I couldn’t look after Bella on my own emotionally or financially.
I was scared that we would have nowhere to live, I was worried about what our next move would have to be since I couldn’t see my options clearly and I was terrified of having to deal with a massive legal battle if I was forced to go back to Australia and be around the abuse all over again.
I felt physically sick because I was leaving my life of 11 years in Australia behind me with absolutely nothing to show for it.
Yep, this is was absolute rock bottom looked like and I didn’t know how I would get out.

Once I escaped the country and a few more days had passed, things really didn’t get much easier. I remember lying on the floor of the shower crying, on the verge of giving up hope of figuring out what to do next.
I was freezing cold…
I was soaking wet…
… and I had no clean clothing left to dress my poor sweet Bella.
I was desperate for some help to make my life just a little bit easier so I could put myself first for once… to have a hot coffee… to find just enough time to wash my hair.

After dragging myself out of the shower in a bit of a state…

I got an idea. I started the search. I started googling baby clothes subscriptions.
See, I wanted to find some reasonably priced baby clothes that could be
automatically delivered to me every few months.
So I would never feel so useless ever again. So I would always be able to dress my
little girl.
But what I discovered instead was… it didn’t exist!


Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

Literally everything changed. I purchased Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within CDs to be mentored and coached on the exact steps I needed to change my state and my life – and what I learned was that I needed to step up and help mums during the hardest yet most rewarding time in their life…
… by giving them the time they need to put themselves first.
I knew I had to find a way to give new parent like me what they need when they need it… even if at first they don’t know exactly they need at the time!
I know it sounds crazy – it became my calling. And it hit me like a bolt from the blue.
Instantly it became crystal clear that I had to build a baby clothing subscription service so mums never again would have to go through the pain I went though.
This gave me the spark to take my 5 month old baby girl Bella in my front pack to China to find suppliers, learn how source products, create contracts, purchase in bulk and create a beautiful set of products that mums would absolutely adore.
My plan was to design a solution that had the power to make mums lives a little bit easier so they could put themselves first once in a while.
I got excited. I found my ‘why’ that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to find. I found my purpose for being and the journey itself confirmed all the reasons why this huge undertaking would become so important to me. It would become my driving force.
After that… I was committed, I went all in and made it a must! I got the range designed, I put my money down and started to shout from the rooftops to everyone I knew so I would be accountable and so it would become a reality.
Building on that success, I partnered with key experts to help mums even more by giving you more tools to make the first year of being a mum a little easier.
We call it “Peekaboo Box”.
Peekaboo Box was born to help mums during the hardest, yet most rewarding time in their lives by delivering beautiful clothing directly to your door.
Peekaboo Box was designed to take one big chore off new mums hands so they can save time and not worry about how they will dress their baby because it’s all taken care of.
No more hassle about clothes or dragging the baby through the shopping centres.
That’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can put all of that time back in your day to put yourself first… because you are a mum and you are important too!
So, here’s what I’ve got for you today…
If you’re a new mum who really needs to find time back in their day to feel human, breathe and relax but you feel like you have no time, no headspace and too many things to do and manage, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for…

Peekaboo Box baby clothing subscription helps you:

And best of all… you’ll start feeling less burden, less stress and more in control on the day your Peekaboo Box delivery arrives because you will have up to 50 new outfits (20-23 pieces) to dress your baby in and it costs less than one lunch per week to have all your clothes delivered to your door.
Amazing, right?
So again, if you’re a new mum who wants time back in her life to have a hot coffee and wash her hair… or you simply want more time to juggle the demands of being a mum, it’s critically important to understand this:

Peekaboo Box baby clothing subscription will help you dress your little baby in the cutest little outfits with ease and comfort, with less more time stressing about what to wear! You will not have to worry about what to wear and when and we will deliver the right clothes at the right time in the right season every 3 months directly to your door!
If it doesn’t give you peace of mind from having to search high and low for baby clothes or give you the comfort and security that your baby is safe with beautifully made, high quality clothes made to Australian and NZ safety standards, then we’ll refund your money, no questions asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with your baby clothing subscription!
We think you are going to be over the moon with your Peekaboo Box baby clothing subscription!
Renee Carmody

P.S. – If you’re sick and tired of not having the time to relax and look after yourself, then Peekaboo Box is the solution you’ve been looking for… there’s nothing to lose – let’s get started today!

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