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We understand how hard it can be to manage the little things with a new baby, especially with the late nights with no sleep. With Peekaboo Box you will have one less thing to worry about by having perfectly curated clothing delivered to your door.

What is the Peekaboo Box ?

What our clients are saying

Would definitely recommend Peekaboo Box to anyone looking to save time and energy for baby shopping. Items are adorable and good quality; customer service was very responsive and overall I’m very pleased with the experience.

Rachel Dolman

What our clients are saying

We all love the clothes that were in our Peekaboo Box! It’s nice having a wonderful variety that are all super cute :)

Fatima Conaglen

What our clients are saying

Great company to deal with, highly recommended you give this a go. My biggest frustration with buying clothes from the shops is getting things that match, now Peekaboo Box solves that problem too and makes it so easy. Quick Delivery as well

Becky Hemus

Why Choose Peekaboobox

Our Peekaboo Box was created with two things in mind: time and quality.

We understand how difficult it can be to manage even the smallest things with a new baby, especially after long nights without sleep.

Peekaboo Box aims to offer a wide selection of matching outfits for your newborn by taking the guesswork out of baby shopping without compromising on quality & style.

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